Product Review: Goodbye to Pale Winter Legs

So this time of year my legs get extremely pale from being hidden under layers and layers of clothing. Then when it's time to go out on the weekend and I put on a party dress, out emerge two pale and flaky looking legs. I decided to take action and on my way home from work last week I picked up the Jergens Natural Glow which is a body lotion that claims to moisturize while creating a natural glow at the same time. It also claims to be oder-free and creates a glow in under three days!

I used the lotion all over my legs after showering and also let the lotion dry before dressing. This prevents the lotion from streaking and enables your legs to tan evenly.   It is also important to wash your hands afterwards. After three days I noticed a noticeable glow on my legs.  Overall I like this product as it creates a gradual natural-looking tan. It does need to be applied daily (just like you would apply body lotion) to maintain your tan. Lastly, the lotion did not smell bad!