DIY Cracked Heel Remedy for Smooth Feet

Happy Friday beauties! I haven’t had much “me” time in a while since I’ve been working weekends and every time the weekend rolls around I tell myself that I need to get a pedicure so I can get rid of my dry, cracked heels. But why waste $30 per pedicure and wait around to have someone else do it for you when you can do it yourself! Everyone knows I love a good DIY!

What you need:
- Water
- Epsom Salt (or Milk)
- Vaseline (or Olive Oil)
- Socks
- Scissors

In a large bowl filled with warm water, add Epsom salt or milk (this if full of magnesium which helps to draw out dryness). Soak your feet in the water mixture for 15-20 minutes. After soaking your feet, use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin.

As an added bonus, to lock in moisture, use a quarter-size amount of Vaseline or olive oil and slather onto your heel. Cut out the toe area off on the socks and wear the socks overnight. In the morning you will have soft heels!