Review of Steve Madden Flat Cuff Thong Sandal

Recently I've been obsessing over these super cute Steve Madden Flat Cuff Thong Sandals which retail for $59.95.  I have been rocking these sandals a lot lately as they instantly spice up any outfit.  These sandals are also very comfortable which is another big plus and I absolutely love the gold cuff detail.

Steve Madden makes these sandals in three different colors: Black, White, and Cognac.  I went with the Cognac because I felt like I would get more use out of them versus the Black or White.  Also, the sandals run true to size - Below is the size 9.


Here is an up close look at the cuff detail...


I did find an alternative more affordable version from Charlotte Russe.  They are called the Metallic Band Flat Sandal which retails for only $22.50!  The sandals come in either Coral or Gold. 
What do you guys think of the cuff details on the sandals?