Product Review: L'OREAL Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss

I was in CVS last week and wanted to pick up a nude gloss that wouldn’t break the bank so I decided to go with the Infalliable 8 HR Le Gloss by L’OREAL in Barely Nude (retails about $8.50).  This gloss claims to be hydrating, last for 8 hours, non-sticky, and overall comfortable.  I would say that’s a pretty big claim right there. My first thought was “Wow! This gloss is comes nude AND lasts 8 hours?!” It sounded like a dream come true so I decided to buy it.


Initially putting the gloss on I immediately noticed a strange smell. Not strange as in bad, strange as in a sweet smell. Luckily, it went away after a few minutes. The applicator is a little larger size than your standard gloss applicator. Initially when I put on the gloss it felt smooth and a little heavy. But then you notice the formula becoming a little hard. The gloss also looked great at first with high shine and pigment however this disappeared within about 15 minutes. My lips looked a little on the dry side if anything.


Now for the big question – does this gloss last 8 hours as it claims? After I wore the lip gloss a couple of times I noticed that the color came off easily. Easy as in I took a sip of water and I noticed a print of my lip on the glass. Didn’t the package say that this gloss is supposed to last for 8 hours? I would say that this gloss has the potential to last for hours IF you don't drink or eat anything. This I would believe would be extremely hard for anyone especially for myself since I try to keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking water. 


I did want to say that the color in nude is gorgeous and perfect for work. However, if you plan on drinking coffee and water throughout the day then expect to put this gloss on constantly.