DIY Tomato Mask and Tomato Scrub for Amazing Skin

Hello beauties! Today's Friday DIY is all about how to achieve flawless and fabulously looking skin.  I don't know about you - but I do not have 100% perfect skin and I don't know many people that do! I would just LOVE to have smooth, tighten and flawless looking skin.  Wouldn't you?!


That being said, today's DIY features the fabulous fruit (... or vegetable?) tomato! Tomatoes not only contain vitamins and antioxidants, but they can make your skin look amazing! Below is a mask and facial scrub you can make in your own home using all natural ingrediants.

Tomato Lime Mask:

What you need:
 - One small tomato
 - One lime

In a blender, combine the tomato and juice from the lime.  Then puree ingredients and pour mixture into a bowl. Take a brush (you can use a clean foundation brush) and spread the mixture on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Tomato Facial Scrub:  
What you need:
 - 1/2 Cup Diced Tomato
 - 2 Tablespoon Yogurt (Plain)
 - 1/4 Cup Sugar

Mix all three ingredients together in a bowl.  Make sure your face is clean and a little damp.  Apply the mixture to your face in a circular motion.  Let mixture sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. 

For both DIY recipes above the good news is that leftovers can be stored in the fridge! (As always, test out a small portion on your skin before putting all over your face for allergies!)